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Professional, dependable and personal tutoring

Resource Pack:

Once booking is confirmed, you will receive:


  • A Monologue or Duologue for your target accent/dialect

  • An Accent Guide, explaining the terms and phrases we use in simple terms

  • An IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) Chart

  • Links and clips for additional study support

1-2-1 Coaching:


Once you have contacted me with your preferred session type and target accent, I will be in touch to confirm your booking.
All sessions are online, using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. 
Resources will be emailed to you once payment and booking details have been confirmed.

Check through the confirmed email to ensure you have received every document, and then prepare accordingly for the session.
If you wish to use your own text or script to learn from, please ensure you email a version of this to me as soon as possible.

After every session, you will receive highlights to target, as well as feedback notes.

This will be sent by email to show how brilliantly you're doing, and what to practice on. 


You can either book 5 sessions for a regular schedule, or 1 session for an urgent priority. (See Audition Support services below). 


Audition Support:


Castings and selftapes often require a quick turnaround, and I offer the fastest help in the industry.


Some clients use me almost exclusively as a scene partner for their selftapes. This service includes:

  • Character and scene help, with professional text analysis to give you alternative acting choices.

  • Maximise your performance and boost your recall and booking likelihood with smart and dependable advice.

  • Combine acting and accent support as and when required.

  • Approach the scenes with confidence as we collaborate on ideas and choices

  • Online only to ensure reliable quality in demanding time restraints.

What do you need for a Remote Selftape Support session:

  • 2 devices; 1 to record yourself and 1 to enable my remote scene delivery as I play the other character(s).

  • A decent camera and audio recording set-up with a neutral background. 

  • Make sure everything is working and charged prior to the booking so you can just concentrate on doing good takes.


  • Scenes can be recorded in ANY ACCENT for the same price.

  • Highest quality delivery with intonation and stress options.

  • Discreet and professional.

  • Fast turnaround so you can take the stress out of learning lines.

Group Sessions:

Group workshops are usually held in the summer.

Please follow @accents4actors on Twitter for updates, news and offers! 




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