Professional, dependable and personal tutoring

Resource Pack:

Once booking is confirmed, you will receive:


  • A Monologue for your target accent/dialect

  • An Accent Guide, explaining the terms and phrases we use to assist with specific learning

  • An IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) Chart

  • Links and clips for additional study support

One-to-One Coaching:


Once you have contacted me with your preferred session type and target accent, I will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your booking.
Every one-to-one session will be facilitated through Skype (unless you live in Manchester), so do ensure you have this free app installed prior to the session. 
A Resource Pack will be emailed to you once payment and booking details have been confirmed.

All resources are matched to your individual needs and learning plans we agree on.

Check through the confirmed email to ensure you have received every document, and then prepare accordingly for the session.
If you wish to use your own text or script to learn from, please ensure you email a version of this to me as soon as possible.
I'm aiming to be as flexible as you require me to be in terms of your preferred learning style, and it will help if you let me know your usual study process in advance of our workshop. 
After every session, you will receive highlights to target, as well as feedback notes.

This will be sent by email to show how brilliantly you're doing, and what to practice on. 
All advice and guidance will be based on suggestions offered during and after the sessions.



Face-to-face option:


Many actors prefer sessions the old-fashioned way.
My base is from home in Chorlton, Manchester. 
The living room is an ideal place to study and practise and I make your cup of tea the way you like it! 

Transport links are excellent -- I live five minutes walk from the tram and there's plenty of parking in the street outside!


Group Sessions:


I'm also pleased to offer group sessions in central Manchester!

Group sessions have a maximum of ten actors per class, so make sure to make your interest known as soon as possible. 

Also follow @accents4actors for updates on accents that will be studied on a month-to-month basis. 

Group sessions will be monthly and rotated, so if it is oversubscribed, you will be prioritised for the next session's attendance.

These will also be advertised on my Facebook page (click on the icon below) as well as various Actor and Acting Groups on Facebook itself, and also on my Twitter pages.


Young Actor Accent Coaching:


In the past year, I have also broadened out my service to include young actors, from seven years-old up to and including seventeen years-old.


This has included group workshops, accent reduction, accent mastery and now voicereel recording for this age group!


Contact me on to book sessions!


Voice-reel Production & Recording:

A brand-new service in 2018! 

I've teamed up with Adam Lyon (Salford University Sound Engineer) to offer voice-reel production and recording at his home studio!

The total package includes:

  • Bespoke scripts for commercial, narration, character and/or PSA samples

  • Identifying your individual voice strengths and advising on selection

  • Accent coaching for specific pieces

  • Direction on the day to assist with your delivery choices

  • Recording and editing final pieces to a superior quality.

    If you're looking for an outstanding, original voice-reel, check out the 'Book' page for brilliant offers!


Additional Support:


In addition to the Skype One-to-One sessions, I also offer video and sound-file recordings, tailored for your own study requirements. 
Typically, an additional recording to be emailed (e.g. me reading from your Tennessee Williams script with notes and direction) will cost £10 per request).
You will also receive an Action Plan after every session.
This will include a detailed summary of what we  have discussed, as well as agreed-upon actions to be undertaken by either you, me or both of us. 
A typed Action Plan helps to retain information, not just in-between sessions but also for ongoing skill-building.
Additional links and suggestions will also be emailed post-session, as I'll have a better understanding of your learning needs.
This will be at no extra cost, and tailored to your specific goals.
I'm pleased to offer these services at a fantastic rate.

As an actor myself, I know it's important to invest in skills that will broaden career prospects!

All these fantastic services are on the 'Book' tab overleaf at excellent prices!


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