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Queries & Reviews

My first one-to-one session's booked. What do I do to prepare for it?
Great! Check your emails for your Resources. You'll have everything attached there that you'll need. It will help if you have done a vocal warm-up before the session. Make sure you're on time -- appointments are booked on the hour.
Make sure you can focus for the full session; give yourself some time to tune out from all social media and friends.
It's only one hour at a time - they'll be there afterwards. 

Do I have to learn the script you send me?
Nope. If the focus is an Accent Mastery session, I'll only need to hear what you're saying (and you'll need to hear me). 
We work with text as practise to make sure you're comfortable with what is being said, and I help you get the accent right.

You'll be given diverse characters from different genres, with the aim of stretching your acting muscles whilst learning to perform in your targeted accent.

What happens in the subsequent sessions?
We practice the warm read from the first session, and I will provide you with highlights and recordings to assist you.

I will then introduce a cold read, usually different from the genre you have practised the warm read in.

Most of my clients enjoy the scenes they read for and if you have a particular preference, I'll start with that.

What have phonetics got to do with it?
Phonetics is the study of sounds in human speech.

If we're to master any accent, we need to be exact, and that's why it's useful to know phonetics to identify and explain the different sounds, from the accent you have to the one you are targeting.


A brief note on this: we are artists, not scientists.

The primary goal is not merely to identify the science of speech -- our prime interest is to sound authentic and to be completely believable when performing.
A rudimentary grasp of phonetics will help you understand the science behind the accent, which will then help you develop your knowledge and skill with other accents and dialects.

That said, our focus will be in the teaching of mouth placement, pitch, duration and rhythm.  

What will you do to help me?
"Help" is the key word! I can only help you as much as you help yourself.
Like any kind of coaching, the hard work will be done by you away from the session.

My job is to offer advice and guidance, and provide you with the tools to help you succeed. 
However, it’s your responsibility to practice, practice, and practice.

What if I need a refund?

Refunds are only available in particular circumstances such as a cancellation due to an emergency.

Most of the time, we merely postpone the session to when you're next available.

If you fail to attend a session without communicating effectively, you will be charged either the full-price for that missed session (as someone could've had that slot), or you will have a session deducted from your allocation. 

How do I know you’re legit?

You can look on-line. My native accent is Scottish but you’ll find that my show-reel has examples of Cockney and RP in them. My show-reel is available on Youtube. Example videos will be also be posted on the website, from time to time.
I have also got favourable endorsements from professionals across the industry, some of which are available on the 'Testimonials' section.

I prefer meeting in-person. Will that be possible?

All lessons are on-line only. Sessions often occur consecutively so this is the most efficient delivery. 

I’ve been given a dream audition but it's at short notice. Can you help?
I work regularly with professional actors auditioning for television, film, theatre and voiceover work. 

Contact me as soon as you can so I can let you know if a session is possible.

If a slot is available, we can work on the scenes and you'll not only get accent tutoring, but you'll also benefit from getting an edge to your performance.

I can also offer to do a recording of your lines usually within a four-hour turnaround, if I can't manage to fit you in for a full session.

 What if I'm not an actor but think I can benefit from this coaching?
You don't have to be an actor, but my specialism is working with actors.
Depending on your needs, I may be able to assist you. My only stipulation is that you are reasonably adept with speaking English. 

Ultimately, my aim is to provide a relaxed, bespoke programme for professional artists. 
Also, it's about having fun whilst learning!
Should you have any further queries, contact me on: 


Jake Murray Thumbnail.jpg

Jake Murray (Elysium)

"Graham has done accent coaching for all our shows at Elysium.

That means Belfast, New York, Florida, Northumberland and South African.

In all my 25+ years working as a theatre director there is no-one I would go to before Graham to get the very best out of my actors in terms of voice as he can

He's also a terrific actor, which makes him all the more brilliant."

Ben Batt thumbnail.jpeg

Ben Batt (1-2-1)

"I have worked with Graham for a couple of years now and he has become an integral part of my preparation for auditions and roles.

He has a brilliant way of making the work accessible and fun, whilst providing an extremely professional and thorough service that really works.

Graham has not only improved my voice and dialect work, but has also given me confidence and has helped me to develop as an actor."

Daniel Bradford.jpeg

Daniel Bradford
(Mindful Acting)

I've worked with Graham for many years now and he is my first point of contact for any accent or dialect work, whether it be for myself or any of my students.

His energetic and enthusiastic nature is contagious and the non-judgemental atmosphere he creates is the perfect setting to undertake the challenging and vulnerable process of learning accents.

He makes it fun, fascinating and forgiving. Not only is he a consummate professional but his commitment to keeping his rates affordable for non-affluent artists speaks to his character as a teacher and person.

I couldn't recommend him highly enough."

Lauren McQueen thumbnail.jpeg

Lauren McQueen (1-2-1)

"Working with Graham has been hugely beneficial in helping me progress as an actress. He has helped me with RP, Standard American, New York, Manchester and Geordie. 

He is always willing to give up his time to help, especially for last minute auditions. I've recently been involved in Bulletproof Season 2 on Sky 1 playing a character with a Geordie accent. 

I had never done the accent before so I can't thank him enough for his amazing help.

I can't recommend him enough to anyone who wants to learn an accent and also help with audition scripts. He's helped me make some great choices and increased my confidence to play different roles."

Amanda Clapham Thumbnail.jpeg

Amanda Clapham (1-2-1)

"I always look forward to my accent classes with Graham!

He works with such precision and provides you with great material, I always come away feeling that I have progressed!

Never do we have a session where I am not in fits of laughter at some point and feeling good about the progress I am making! I've worked with a lot of people in this industry and Graham's encouragement and kindness really does stand out for me as an actor and my process."

Hannah Ellis Ryan Thumbnail.jpeg

Hannah Ellis Ryan

(Play With Fire)

Graham is absolutely our go-to accent coach in the North West.

His expertise, generosity and kindness makes him a wise and compassionate voice in the room; helping actors feel safe, while guiding them in the right direction and always delivering.

We have used Graham for all of our projects and would highly recommend his services!

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