My first one-to-one session's booked. What do I do to prepare for it?
Great! Check your emails for your Resource Pack. You'll have everything attached there that you'll need. It will help if you have done a vocal warm-up before the session. If you would like an exercise routine, let me know and I'll drop that into your Resource Pack. 
Make sure you can focus for the full session; give yourself some time to tune out from all social media and friends.
It's only one hour at a time - they'll be there afterwards. 

Do I have to learn the monologue you send me?
Nope. If the focus is an Accent Mastery session, I'll only need to hear what you're saying (and you'll need to hear me). 
We work with text as practise to make sure you're comfortable with what is being said, and I help you get the accent right.

It's probably better NOT to be off-book, so that you don't get into any habits. 

What happens in the subsequent sessions?
Now that we’ve established what your goals are, any subsequent session will be looked at as work-in-progress.
At the end of a session, and prior to the next one, I will suggest some homework for you to do -- and I'll keep it fun! 

I may offer suggestions of speakers who fit the accent you’re looking at.
During the subsequent sessions, we'll read through a variety of genres, ensuring that you'll feel confident with your performance choices.

You’ll also be given a phonetic prompt sheet to assist you with your chosen accent/dialect option. 

What have phonetics got to do with it?
Phonetics is the study of sounds in human speech. If we're to master any accent, we need to be exact, and that's why it's useful to know use phonetics to identify and explain the different sounds, from the accent you have to the one you are targeting.


A brief note on this: we are artists, not scientists.

The primary goal is not merely to identify the science of speech -- our prime interest is to sound authentic and not restrict you in your acting choices.
A rudimentary grasp of phonetics will help you understand the science behind the accent, which will then help you develop your knowledge and skill with other accents and dialects. No matter what level of education you've had, it's a good thing to 


What will you do to help me?
"Help" is the key word! I can only help you as much as you help yourself.
Like any kind of coaching, the hard work will be done by you away from the session.

My job is to offer advice and guidance, and provide you with the tools to help you succeed. 
However, it’s your responsibility to practice, practice, and practice.

What if I need a refund?

At least a 24-hour notice is required for a cancellation, otherwise the refund will only be partial, as another learner could have used your slot.

How do I know you’re legit?

You can look on-line. My native accent is Scottish but you’ll find that my show-reel has examples of Cockney and RP in them. My show-reel is available on Youtube. Example videos will be also be posted on the website, from time to time.
I have also got favourable endorsements from professionals across the industry, some of which are available on the 'Testimonials' section.

What’s the point in having careers advice if I already know I want to be an actor?
Careers advice isn’t just about telling people what career to go for. It’s investigating what can be done to try and achieve your goals.

With four years as a professional careers adviser, I have extensive experience in helping people to see different routes to success, and I am fully qualified as well. Also, this is just an additional service I offer, which is non-compulsory.

I don’t like Skype. Can’t we meet up instead?

Potentially - I'm keen to keep our travelling costs down to a minimum, though. If you can make it to Chorlton, or re-imburse my travel costs, I'm open to the idea, so long as the venue is safe and learner/coach friendly!

I’ve been given a dream audition but it requires a dialect I have to get better at, with short notice. Can you help?
Contact me in the first instance and we'll see if it's possible. 

If we’ve got the time, I will endeavour to work on that specific accent or dialect with you. An add-on fee is necessary to cover my time and work on obscure/period dialects with an urgent deadline.

What if I'm not an actor but think I can benefit from this coaching?
You don't have to be an actor, but my specialism is working with actors.
Depending on your needs, I may be able to assist you; my only stipulation is that you are reasonably adept with speaking English. 

Ultimately, my aim is to provide a relaxed, bespoke  programme for professional artists. 
Also, it's about having fun whilst learning!
Should you have any further queries, contact me on: accents4actors@gmail.com 


"I found the lessons insightful and enlightening not just because I was learning a new accent, but because I was encouraged to explore what my voice could do. Graham is an exceptional teacher and would highly recommend him not just for accent coaching but for performance tips as well."


Katherine McDermott

1-2-1 Coaching

"Fantastic accent workshop with Graham Eaglesham. So informative! Brilliant."
Peter Carroll, Thinking Actors

"Such a useful, practical and informative workshop today with superb scripts to work with too!"
Sadie Robertson, Actor


General American Accent Masterclass

Thinking Actors

"I can honestly say,it was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.

The numbers were sufficiently small to enable everybody to be an intimate part of the proceedings.
The duration of the workshop i.e.three hours meant that a lot of ground was covered,and everybody had the opportunity to perform and learn.
You are a very inspirational teacher,and brought out the best in everybody!"

Antony Fleming

Group Workshop

"Graham is gifted in the art of mastering an accent; across the numerous 1956 Theatre productions on which we've had the pleasure of collaborating - he has skilfully displayed his versatility and prowess with an impressive range of different dialects, delivered to such a standard that they would be determined his own native accent.

From Glaswegian to New York, Mancunian to Cockney - Graham has demonstrated a precise, natural and entirely accurate ear for dialect. We can't recommend him highly enough!"

Amy-Jane Ollies

Actor/Artistic Director. 1956 Theatre

"Never would have thought you weren't American. No-one has fooled me like that before. Great job!!"

Heather Finn

Agent, Frontier Booking International, New York

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