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Professional, dependable and personal tutoring

Graham Eaglesham

Highly experienced in both classical and conteporary theatre,  I'm also a fully qualified careers adviser, with a Level 6 Diploma in Careers Advice and Guidance.

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About me:


Growing up in South Africa and England enabled me to switch accents from an early age.
I've used different accents all my life and continue to do so on a daily basis.


I strive to balance authenticity with the demands of the script -- this can only create informed choices and establish a collaborative and fun working ethic!

I teach accents full-time, enabling me to meet actors from all over the world, and from all walks of life.


Accent Mastery sessions:


Accent Mastery sessions are facilitated via Skype, confirmed within 24 hours of payment being received (See price plans in Book Tab).

Prior to any confirmed booking, you will need to contact me via email with your target accent request, as well as your preference for date and time.


Bookings are confirmed in priority of payment received, but I will endeavour to accommodate you if you need urgent support, such as a short-notice casting or self-tape support session.

If you have paid for batch sessions, these will still need to be planned and confirmed a week in advance.


Performance Support:


A session can also be focused on the performance and delivery of text.
We can look at your approach to characterisation and artistic decision-making, whilst keeping true to the nature of the text.


This type of session concentrates on your acting in particular, with additional notes given for accent refining. 
You'll be receiving professional direction with suggestions given to improve and enhance your potential performance, either for paid work or if you are auditioning for drama schools.


Accent Reduction:

Accent Reduction is the opportunity to learn how to speak clearly and confidently in everyday conversation. 

Particularly suited to strong native accents or to acting students whose English is a second language, the sessions follow the same format as the others. 

Specific and tailored to meet your learning goals, Accent Reduction classes are available for block-booking too.

Simply email me with a note about your aims and objectives, and we'll plan your sessions in advance.


Current clients choosing accent reduction include professional actors broadening their casting range, as well as young clients aiming for future roles against their stereotype. 


Accent Reduction is not about removing a native accent but empowering you to 'switch' from your native accent into a more neutral version.

Line recordings:


If time is of the essence, a line recording of your scenes can be done with a fast turnaround, with a delivery meeting the accent and acting requirements for your casting.


Whether you prefer an urgent session or a line recording, please email: 




The Stage Interview

Graham Eaglesham: 'Work on your game and throw yourself at life'



The accent coach tells The Stage how his own native Scottish accent made him realise he could build a career helping other actors and offers his advice for students and graduates

How did you start off in theatre?

My first role was the front end of a camel for a Christmas play at primary school. I didn’t have a line, only one well-timed expression when the camel got a puncture.

I was always copying funny voices and accents by myself, so it was a revelation that people would pay to see that.

What led to your move into teaching?

I was a careers adviser alongside my acting. In 2015, work was thin on the ground, so I went on a whim to New York and they thought I was American wherever I walked in.

The reaction as I switched to my native Scottish accent helped me realise I could monetise my skill. I came away from NY with a renewed sense of purpose, realising that coaching actors was an attractive alternative day job – although setting up my own business was no less risky than being a careers adviser and it took time to build up a reputation.

What is the best piece of advice you have for students and graduates?

Trust your instincts. Read a lot. Think a lot. Work on your game and throw yourself at life.

What would you change about the industry?

I’d like to see more collaborations, more festivals, sharing more of the wealth, etc.

What is the best part of your job?

Working with actors every day.

And your least favourite?

Emailing. It devours time.

Which arts practitioners do you admire most/who should students look up to and why?

I would advise studying the best actors, directors and writers of all time, and from every era. This is a lifestyle, not a job hunt, so make use of your time and develop your own taste.

What is the one skill that every successful theatre professional should have?


Do you have any tips for readers to increase mental and physical well-being?

A simple morning exercise routine with music relaxes me before the day. Set yourself up nicely, encourage yourself and take time to see the beauty around you.

Graham Eaglesham is founder of Accents for Actors

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