Comprehensive accent and dialect coaching for actors

What I offer






Accents for Actors is a service specifically designed for professional actors, as well as acting students.

There are three definitive parts to the service:


  • Accent Mastery

  • Performance Support

  • Accent Reduction


My coaching style is designed to help you execute an authentic delivery for your performance. 
As both a professional, experienced actor and careers coach, I have the combination of knowledge and expertise to assist you with achieving your goals. 
Please click the Services Tab for a full-breakdown and scroll further down this page to see which accents are currently offered at a fantastic price.

An overview of what I offer:

  • Planned sessions to fit around your schedule and needs.

  • Practical emphasis on learning, with additional resources given to help you practice. 

  • Over 20 accent/dialect options on offer, with help and research also offered to practice obscure/period accents.

  • Boost your confidence and skill with accents on an ongoing basis, through exercises and advice given. 

  • Improve your career prospects with a check-up session, discovering what options are available and achievable.

Accents/Dialects offered:

  • RP and Heightened RP

  • Standard American

  • New York

  • Latin American

  • American - Southern States

  • California (L.A.)

  • North-East American

  • American Mid-West

  • Cockney

  • London MLE

  • Lancashire

  • Yorkshire

  • Manchester

  • Liverpool

  • Geordie

  • Birmingham

  • Scottish (West Coast)

  • Scottish (East Coast)

  • Scottish Highlands

  • Northern Irish

  • Welsh

  • Irish (West, East, South)

  • Australian

  • South African/Afrikaner

  • Zimbabwe

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Russian

  • Dutch

  • New Zealand

  • Belgian

Requests for rare or period accent tutoring also accepted *

*Subject to time-frame and degree of difficulty of research. Small additional costs may apply.


Contact me by phone on: 07908 789 348

Or email me on:

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